#44 Brad Ahlm with Conductive Containers- The RULER of Static Electricity!

I had the honor of interviewing, Brad Ahlm, President of Conductive Containers, Inc.  Listen to this, when you rub your feet on the carpet, then touch someone, and give them a “shock”, it took about 5,000 volts of static electricity to generate that “shock”. Now picture this, your company makes something like computer microchips, and if your microchip is exposed to even 10 volts of static electricity, it will ruin your microchip, but you need to ship your microchips across the county… now what? I’ll tell you, “what”, you call Conductive Containers Inc because when it comes to protecting products from an electrical charge, they have the answer. They can make a custom container for your microchips or anything else you might need shipped, stored, or displayed. Check them out at www.CorStat.com

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